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These are the instructions for the Catznip Crash Debugger, this is currently only available to specific users and beta testers. This tool provides us with a significantly more detailed crash report. It does not include any information above and beyond what is outlines in our privacy policy..

Setup and Usage

  • You will be given a download link for the Catznip Crash Debugger.
  • Create a folder somewhere on your computer and place the downloaded CatznipCrashDebug.exe in this folder.
  • Run CatznipCrashDebug.exe. It will find and launch the Catznip Viewer and create a log file in the folder.
  • Use Catznip as normal / as instructed. There should be no noticeable performance impact.


  • A .log file and .dmp .file will be created for each crash.
  • You will have been given instructions on where / how to send us both of these files.
  • Once the files have been sent they can be deleted.

Additional Tools & Tips

If you are comfortable using a compression utility such as 7zip, zipping the files before sending them will make them smaller & quicker to transfer.

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