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Make sure you are running the latest Catznip release.
This document refers to an older (possibly depreciated) version.

Catznip R12.0 is the Latest Release (Template:ReleaseDate R12.0), Release Notes.


Catznip 3.2.0 R3 & R4 (2011-12-16)

R3 and R4 are identical in all regards except R4 includes the first round of opengl fixes from Linden Lab. R3 is provided as a fall back for those who have problems.

New features

  • added : “CloseChatOnEmptyReturn” and “CloseIMOnEmptyReturn” setting to close the floater containing the chat bar when committing an empty line
  • added : an active group title drop-down to the group sidepanel tab
    • the “” entry will keep the group active, but hide the group title from your nametag
  • added : “collapse” button to the floater top right controls (between “minimize” and “close”)
    • collapses the floater in-place rather than moving it to a different part of the screen and changing the width of the title bar
  • added : “Wear on Current Outfit” option to the inventory category context menu
    • (replace) wears all items in the folder similarly to selecting all items and right-click “Wear”


  • added : “ChatTimestampSeconds” setting to show seconds in chat timestamps (for nearby chat and instant messages)
  • added : “Picks” options to the main “Me” and avatar context menus
  • added : “Expiration” and “Clear History” options to the recent people history gear menu
  • changed : remove the default, starlight and stardust skins from the installation folder
  • changed : pulled “Set Away” and “Set Busy” out of their submenu into the main “Me” menu

Bugfixes (Catznip)

  • fixed : attaching the nearby chat floater while the chat history is hidden reshapes the nearby chat floater to the wrong size
  • fixed : attaching the nearby chat floater doesn’t always properly resize the chat bar
  • fixed : crash when returning to the login screen (i.e. unsuccessful logon)
  • fixed : Ctrl-T opens the toolbar configuration floater rather than the conversations floater
  • fixed : “Manage > Kick” is visible on the avatar context menus even when the estate right isn’t granted

Bugfixes (second Life)

  • fixed : combo box separators aren’t visible (and wouldn’t fill the width of the combobox)
  • fixed : various crashes due to the notification screen channel being destroyed before various notification are closed
    • i.e. offer 4 inventory items, open IM on the recipient, click “Show” on one of them and then shut down the viewer -> crash
  • fixed : “double-click attachment” and “double-click wearable” add vs replace doesn’t work
    • value for the setting was reversed

RLVa Updates and Fixes

RLVa 512.png
  • fixed : “Copy” submenu on the avatar context menus should be disabled when @shownames=n restricted
  • fixed : “Teleport” option on the avatar context menus should be disabled when @shownames=n restricted
  • fixed : clicking chat toasts opens the speaking resident’s profile when @shownames=n restricted
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