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Make sure you are running the latest Catznip release.
This document refers to an older (possibly depreciated) version.

Catznip R12.0 is the Latest Release (Template:ReleaseDate R12.0), Release Notes.


Catznip-2.8.0a - Beta 1 (2011-09-13)

New features

  • added : Spell Checker (Me / Prefences / Spell Check panel)
  • added : people Interaction History (People sidebar / History tab)
  • added : single and multi line nearby chat bar to the nearby chat floater (Me / Prefences / Catznip / Chat panel)


  • added : Shift+Enter to whisper from the chatbar(s)
  • added : "Teleport" option to the notecard embedded item context menu for landmarks

Bug fixes (Second Life)

  • fixed : the entire inventory is fetched at log-on
  • fixed : right-click open + "Copy to Inventory" triggers the task opener inventory observer and incoming item throttle
  • fixed : radiogroup preferences won't work properly if they're driven by boolean typed setting
  • fixed : viewer crashes or refuses to start when TeamViewer is installed or running

Bug fixes (Catznip)

  • fixed : the "RestrainedLove API" preferences checkbox doesn't show the correct RLV enabled state

Catznip-2.8.0b - RC 1 (2011-09-14)


  • changed: flipped the defaults on some settings
AgentLinkShowUsernames to 1 (=on mismatch)
EmbeddedLandmarkCopyToInventory to FALSE
InspectNearbyRemoteObject to TRUE
PlainTextChatHistory to TRUE
RLVaWearReplaceUnlocked to TRUE

Bug fixes (Second Life)

  • fixed : duplicate name in chat history when emoting

Bug fixes (Catznip)

  • fixed : recent people history isn't being persisted

Catznip-2.8.0c - RC 2 (2011-09-19)

Bug fixes (Catznip)

  • fixed : right-clicking on a right-to-left selection deselects the current selection
  • fixed : the first word of a line or text editor is shown as misspelled if it doesn't start with an alpha character
  • fixed : adding a word to the ignore list or custom dictionary doesn't recheck all spelling
  • changed : turned on spell checking for the group notice subject and message editors

Catznip-2.8.0d - RC 3 (2011-09-21)


  • changed : open the "About" tab on web profiles by default (rather than the "Feed" tab)
  • changed : removed the Basic / Advanced drop-down from the login screen
  • added : StarLight and StarDust skin
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