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This list shows avatars and objects that have been blocked. Blocked avatars are invisible except for their name tag. Blocked objects remain visible (see Object Blacklist).


There are several ways to block an avatar.

  • Right click on any on in world avatar, from the context menu, manage > Block.
  • Hover mouse over avatar and then click the (i) or left click on name in chat to open the avatar inspector, pick block from the fold out menu.
  • Right click on any avatar on the nearby people list, friends list, group chat participants,
  • From the fold out menu on the avatar's profile.
  • + Block Resident on the Avatar / Object Blacklist floater and searching for the avatar name.


Right click on any on in world object, from the context menu, manage File:MenuManageObject.png

  • Block (mute) : Blocks all chat and message output from this specific object. Will be listed on the 'Blocked' tab.
  • + Block Object on the Avatar / Object Blacklist floater and entering a name. This will block output from ALL objects with the same name.


Derending an object will not block it at the same time, to do this, block the object and then derender it (see Object Blacklist).

Any issues relating this feature should be posted on the Catznip Catznip JIRA.
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